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I think one of the saddest things is when two people really get to know each other: their secrets, their fears, their favourite things, what they love, what they hate, literally everything, and then they go back to being strangers. It’s like you have to walk past them and pretend like you never knew them, never even talked to them before, when really, you know everything about them.

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The Ultimate Game Day Bites – Mozzarella Stuffed Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Mary Winchester Inspired Spring Outfit by oliviakaz2y5 featuring crop tops

Chelsea Girl crop top, $20 / Red valentino skirt, $130 / Sam Edelman black ankle bootie / ASOS blue handbag / Shiseido palette eyeshadow, $57 / Butter London lip gloss makeup

Untitled #1665 by peachv featuring leather handbags

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"I watched the documentary yesterday and this was not a documentary that showed the true Directioners, it only showed over the top crazy fans that most of us are not like. Most of us have never seen them in real life forget 64 times! they showed how we send them tweets like “my grandmother has died please follow me” but not when we are supporting them through their bad times, they did not show the tweets where we try and make the boys feel good about themselves and help them smile! They did not show the tweets where we vote for them, staying up all night just so they win the award and we see them smile! They showed how we cry when we do not meet them and not when we are considerate to them and we actually think about the boy’s security! They talked about how we send death threats to fans which most of have never done! They did not show the fans that actually like their girlfriends and the one that support the boy’s decisions! They showed that we would kill a person to prove a point or just to see the boys which is so untrue because most of us here have never thought of hurting a fly! This whole documentary focused on the bad, rude and aggressive side of us Directioners which most of us are not like. They failed to show the sweet, kind and dedicated side of us! And I should know about that because I have spoken to people from all around the world and all of them are so sweet and they make me smile each and every day! I also should know the dedicated side of us where spend so much of our time voting or trying to break a record just for the boys! They failed to show the true side of us Directioners which is not FAIR!"

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One Direction x Swedish House Mafia | ‘Don’t Worry We’re Young’ (MASHUP)

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